Monday 18 November 2013

Letting a thousand Flowers - and five mentions of Labour - bloom

In the interests of fair blogging, I must point out, in the light of an earlier post - Bowdlerising 'A Bankers Tale' - that the BBC News website is actually leading tonight with the latest developments in the Paul Flowers story: Co-op probe after drug allegations against ex-boss, and it even mentions "Labour" five times. 

That's progress.

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  1. Charlatans says:
    November 19, 2013 at 12:35 pm
    Just registered following complaint:
    BBC News (TV Radio Online)
    Complaint category:
    Factual error or inaccuracy

    Important Omission when describing Banker
    Complaint description:
    I have just gone to your BBC news website to research details about the Co-op banking Chairman scandal to search for any political connections to the Government (Coalition or Labour), for a book I am writing. Where you refer to Paul Flowers, the disgraced Co-op Bank Chairman, why have you omitted the fact that this man served as a member of Labour’s influential finance and industry advisory board? Surely with our Nation implicated so heavily and close to the top of the league in suffering the largest financial crisis in our history under Labour, this is very relevant. The last government failed to properly regulate banks and control our world class financial centre, which had a major contributory factor and influence on the scale of causes of the credit crunch, which legacy will be felt by the Nation well into the next generation. I did not have a problem discovering this omission from other media outlets, (eg Why do you often do these sorts of important omissions? It really gives one the impression that you are trying to protect one political side and this should not be the case from our taxes spent on National broadcasting.


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