Saturday 2 November 2013

Obtuse angles

You can only describe what you hear, but whenever I've encountered the BBC today they've been banging on about how damaging the taking-out of the leader of the Pakistani Taliban by U.S. drones has been.

On and on they've gone about it, hammering away at it like obsessive-compulsive woodpeckers. 

Today kicked it off this morning, opening with the words:
The United States is being accused of wrecking the search for peace between Islamabad and the Pakistani Taliban after the death of the leader of the militant group in an American drone attack.
Tuning into PM ten hours later, and it's the same angle:
Did the Pakistan peace talks die with the leader of the Taliban. "This is the most violent and blatant attempt to sabotage peace in Pakistan. The whole country's furious". 
It's been the same angle all day at the BBC News website too. 

They can be truly relentless when they put their minds to it, the BBC.

I was reading the comments at the Telegraph and the Guardian earlier though, and all the top-rated comments were of one mind: That the killing of the Taliban leader was good news. 

That's evidence of conflicting perspectives on the story - one perspective held by many a newspaper-reading commenter, the other held by the BBC. 

The BBC isn't, of course, supposed to have a perspective though.

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