Saturday 9 November 2013

The gallant BBC

Isn't David Dimbleby the perfect gentleman? 

Introducing (Chris Huhne's ex) Vicky Price on this week's Question Time, Mr Impartiality teed her up as "the economist Vicky Price, briefly detained at Her Majesty's pleasure earlier this year for taking her husband's speeding points, which she's written a book about".

That's a plug for her book and no mention of the fact that she was actually convicted of perverting the course of justice (not for taking her husband's speeding points).

Gallantry clearly still survives at the BBC.

So does Christian forgiveness. 

Both Vicky and Chris have been wholly forgiven and given plenty of gainful employment (and money) by the saintly BBC, despite their criminal records.

The Chris Huhne-like Jesus Christ (well, in Chris Huhne's mind at least) would surely have approved. 

Gallantry and Christian forgiveness - two virtues you wouldn't have expected from the BBC (unless I'm misreading their motives???)

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