Sunday 3 November 2013

Nothing to say

At the risk of becoming fixated on this theme, the Sky News homepage features another disgusting story of human brutality:
Sky informs us  that "Islamic militants were blamed" for the attack, which killed over thirty people, including the groom:
One driver, who did not wish to be named, said he saw dead bodies lying on the road.
"It was a gory scene," he told the AFP news agency. "All the victims were brutally murdered by the attackers."

What of the BBC's account?

Well, the story isn't on the BBC home page, or even its World Page. It isn't even on its Africa page.

Why ever not?

Search under 'Michika', where the wedding was held, and you'll find nothing on the BBC website, except for 14 entries on its 'Elsewhere on the web' section.

What is wrong with the BBC News website? What is wrong with the BBC? With all that money, and that boast of being the world's most trusted news organisation, why is it that the BBC fails to report so much that matters in the world?

Update: The BBC website reported this story at 18:45.

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