Monday 18 November 2013

Regenerating a comment

And before I fly off with Peri into the deepest reaches of the universe tonight, I'd like to lift another exchange tonight at Biased BBC (partly because it involves me!):
chrisH says: November 18, 2013 at 8:48 pm
I`ve only had the radio on three times times today, but each occasion has mentioned the bloody Dr Who day coming up.
HGAF?…when the BBC wants to put its daleks back into senior management , then I`ll think it worth the endless puffs and plugs.
Can say puffs still can`t I?
Shameless self-referential gobshites , the BBC.
PS-don`t suppose the inventor of the Dalek will be seeing any money from the BBC anytime soon eh?…Copyright is a one way street with the BBC isn`t it?
Craig says:
November 18, 2013 at 9:01 pm
There was a long ‘Doctor Who’ plug every hour on the BBC News Channel this afternoon, and I do mean ‘long’.
There was also a plug on ‘Today’ this morning.
There was another plug on the BBC One’s ‘News at Six’ tonight too.
Even Radio 4′s religious affairs farrago ‘Sunday’ had a plug for it yesterday.
And they say the BBC doesn’t advertise.
The BBC’s Cyber Controller obviously gave the order to plug ‘Doctor Who’ across the BBC, and the BBC Cyber Warriors clicked their heels and obeyed.
There was also, you may recall, a Brian Cox TV lecture on the science of Doctor Who last week, plus umpteen articles on the BBC News (yes, News) website. 

Beam me up, Peri.

Update: There was even a 'Doctor Who' question on yesterday's Round Britain Quiz:
In what way could a gruff NCO, a priestly victim of the Antichrist, a larking Chief Petty Officer, and a mad monk, successively be said to have impersonated a police officer from 1963 onwards?
(Whoops, partly given away the answer there!) 


  1. Beam me up, Peri

    I am sorry, Star Trek and Dr Who just do not mix


    Oh my god.... i am a geek pendant


    1. ps still can't get the round britain quiz question... rasputin was a mad monk, um.... the only impersonating police officer i can think of is.. amy pond. oh, hang on, i may need to lie down for 10 minutes.... make it 5


    2. It's the first four Doctors who, especially if you're a 'RBQ' question setter, could be said to be impersonating a police officer by riding around in a police box.
      So the "gruff NCO" was William Hartnell, who played characters like Sgt Major Percy Bullimore in 'The Army Game and starred in 'Carry on Sergeant'.
      Patrick Troughton was "the priestly victim of the Antichrist" because he played the ill-fated Father Brennan in 'The Omen'.
      Jon Pertwee was the "larking Chief Petty Officer" because he played Chief Petty Officer Pertwee in 'The Navy Lark' (that was the clue I got!)
      And Tom Baker was "a mad monk" because he did indeed play Rasputin in the film 'Nicholas and Alexandra'.
      They could have continued with "a vet, someone celebrated in the jungle, a wizard who healed a dying hedgehog, I, a Beatle, an Italian lover, and a party animal".
      How geeky is it of me to have felt the urge to finish that question for them properly!?

    3. Damn, I shoulda got the Troughton and Baker ones, but, ahem, I am too young for navy lark and army game. And yes, you are a geek.


    4. Being i geek isn't necessarily a bad thing. personally, I am an Inbetweener: I know what a quadratic equation is and I can kick a football.


  2. I see Monty Python are getting the same treatment now.
    I guess they ALL reckon that it`s as if Led Zeppelin taught them all how to blow a 60s myth into something "iconic".
    No doubt the BBC have all those delicious marketing rights-so it`ll be wall to wall unfunniness until the 02 Comedy event of the decade.
    Citizen Khan next then?


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