Friday 1 November 2013

Bott on earth?

One blog I always look forward to reading is that by Damian Thompson at the Telegraph

Though neither I nor Sue share his Roman Catholicism, we still tend to like what he writes on many issues.

His latest blogpost includes a section that, I suspect, matters more to me than to Sue. 

It concerns BBC Radio 3, and I agree with it either 97.26% or 102.372% [I can't make up my mind which]:
Radio 3 under Roger Wright has, miraculously for the Beeb, preserved most of its authentic ethos; presenters such as Petroc Trelawny are the apostolic successors to the late Cormac Rigby and other mighty figures. Rarely does it put a foot wrong. But now it has. Catherine Bott is not only one of the finest English sopranos of her generation. She’s also a warm, jolly and clever broadcaster whose co-hosting of Radio 3’s Early Music Show is a delight. Alas, she is jumping ship to Classic FM, where her talents will be less insultingly sidelined. And so one more reason to pay the BBC licence fee disappears. Roger, how did you allow this to happen?
Ah, Catherine Bott! Yes, an excellent presenter. Here she is, though, singing Bach:

What have the BBC's populists allowed to slip through their hands now?

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