Sunday 24 November 2013

Well, I never!!

Vicky Beeching

Can you guess what the result of this morning's Sunday Morning Live poll result was, when the question put was:
Is immigration good for Britain?
Of course you can. It was inevitable: 
11% said 'yes, immigration is good for Britain'
89% said 'no, immigration is not good for Britain'
Give people the chance to text anonymously and they seem much more likely to tell you what they really think!

The panel were, typically, aghast at the result. 

Radio 4 Thought for the Day's Vicky Beeching described it as "a real shame" and said that "it worries me". The Daily Mail's Angela Epstein described it as a "kneejerk reaction" and poet Benjamin Zephaniah said that "immigration is what made Britain". Oh dear.


  1. I listened in and awaited the pop at the Crystal Methodists which duly came by an Eggy Ed Stourton...but listen to his aimless repeated perambulations and splenetics when our Methodist chummy speaks Birtspeak as well as his BBC tormentors...all wind and sails in a lavender fug...oh dear...maybe that Bible would be handy, if anybody there still bothered...let `em learn the hard way!
    Comedy Gold!

  2. All the questions were daft. As was pointed out, “Is immigration good for Britain” doesn’t address the real issue and should have included the word “Mass” to make it a proper question.
    The cunning duplicity of framing the question that way forced voters who might welcome (assimilated) cultural diversity, but genuinely fear huge influxes of culturally incompatible, burdensome immigrants who pose a threat to “our” way of life to vote ‘no’ and appear bigoted and ignorant’. Funny thing is, the anonymity of telephone voting means they didn’t even care.

    The middle question was an equally daft non-question. Even slang fan Benjamin Zephaniah agreed that everyone should be taught ‘proper English’. The concept of banning (banning?) slang from the classroom was a bit different from banning slang “in schools”, which was roughly how the BBC framed the question. “Head teacher John White said the letter was only meant in the context of classroom teaching".
    The last question was a very dull thing with a very dull outcome. Did Samira say it was the last episode? Did I hear them threatening Fern Britton next week?

  3. Spot on Sue - the question did indeed ignore the current crisis of mass unsustainable immigration and, as such, presented as a typical leftist attempt to mislead voters. Just imagine someone of Farage's calibre appearing on that panel and the very short space of time in which the programme would thereby self-destruct.


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