Sunday 24 November 2013

This morning

Just as a coda to the previous post - especially Paddy O'Connell's strange dismissal of the apparent political angle to the London slavery story...

Edward Stourton also discussed the story on Sunday and avoided the political aspects completely, merely describing the apparent "cult"-like aspects of the story and then suggesting that they [namely himself and the panel discussing the general issue] needn't go into that.

The BBC News website isn't elaborating on the political point either, merely sticking to the word "collective" and the phrase "through a shared political ideology", as used by the police.

The Sunday Times, however, is prepared to elaborate on what kind of cult this appears to be:
Separate sources said the couple and the two women were members of a Marxist-Communist group that lived together in the capital in the 1970s.
There's also an illuminating report on non-religious political cults in the Sunday Telegraph.

All very strange, on so many levels.


  1. Oh joy of joys!
    If this is a Co-Op...or even a Greenie Commune...this would be priceless and set the seal on the death of lime-pink Effix and any pretence that the Labour-Liberal Dream is nothing but a houseparty.
    That`ll teach the F888ers to trash Thatch, to curse Israel!
    Great times for the God watchers...but noted no-one praying for Paul Flowers in any church today...truly captives in their own housechurch slavery of liberal flatulence with a joss-stick dipped in patchouli, by way of "light for the world".
    I used to be disgusted....but this is so amusing, even Costello might see the potential for a laugh...funnily enough, no bBC comedy ensues...why so you edgy no-boundaries comix?

  2. Thanks Craig - you are telling me what the BBC doesn't ie that the people involved were part of a Marxist Communist group. What a shame that Paul Mason is no longer on the BBC to comment on this. Actually of course the Millipede was on Desert Island Discs - but then of course no one is allowed to ask him about his Marxist views especially on the BBC.


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