Saturday 2 November 2013

The BBC's speed dial terrorist is killed

I have to say that reading various reports on the death of Hakimullah Mehsud, head of the Pakistan Taleban, the BBC's online coverage has stood out in respect of its tone. 

Compared to the Telegraph, Guardian and Sky News, the BBC's coverage has concentrated on the negative aspects of his killing by an American drone, especially its implications for the planned talks between the Taleban and the Pakistan government. 

Even more striking is the obituary of Mehsud published by the BBC. Several commentators at Biased BBC have picked up on its peculiar tone. One calls it "a disgraceful piece of hagiography". 

It certainly does paint a rather glamorous picture of the murderous terrorist - who, it seems, had the BBC on speed dial for some time.

The new head of the Pakistan Taleban appears to be Khan Said Sajna. In the BBC's reporting, he's presented as somewhat more dovish than Mehsud - someone "who favours dialogue with Islamabad". According to the Telegraph, however, he's "a veteran insurgent with a reputation for brutality". 

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