Saturday 2 January 2016

A hoot

This morning we were treated to another guest editor on Today.  “Our guest editor today is the former chief executive of BP, Lord Browne” (sorry the content doesn’t seem to be working) 

So, straight to the bit about ‘coming out at work’. I do realise that this must have been deeply traumatic for this person, but after all, in the end everyone was awfully nice and kind. But I couldn’t help wondering if gay men automatically felt obliged to plead the case for every other minority. 

I’m talking about the new specially protected species, “trans”. Not so long ago we were allowed to laugh at the likes of Les Dawson in drag. Pantomime dames and great chunky fellas in dresses were comical. Not any more. You have to take any masculine-looking chap with a gravelly bass voice who claims he’s always found himself to be in the wrong body and is now a lady, as an actual lady. You mustn’t laugh. 


On the plus side that probably puts the kibosh on most of David Walliams’s repertoire

Come to think of it, I myself have often felt I was in the wrong body. I feel more like an owl. From now on kindly address me in toowit-toowoo.  Not quite sure what to do about toilets yet. I haven’t decided when to go for the surgery, but I’m hoping to get it on the NHS.

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  1. NHS? That will be the National Hoot Service, presumably.


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