Sunday 10 January 2016

Vince Cable speculates on Cologne

Just one more thing on Broadcasting House....

Was Hugh Sykes the first person to relay the conspiracy theory about the extreme right being behind the attacks in Cologne to the UK? Because if he was, then BH paper reviewer Vince Cable had clearly been listening carefully. Later in the programme, he said this: 
We don't know whether [the attackers] were instigated by religious fervour or by people from the extreme right trying to provoke an incident. We don't know that...
And, thus, the conspiracy theory spreads...

That said, Dr Cable's thought that "religious fervour" could have been behind the sexually-aggressive actions of the overwhelming Arab and North African mob was an unexpected one. I can hear a thousand tweeters crying in unison, "It's got nothing to do with Islam" and  "IsDrCableIslamophobic?" winning a coveted place on BBC Trending.


  1. It really says it all if the BBC now regard conspiracy stories as news.

  2. It's amazing how these adherents of PC dogma, hold on to their articles of faith in the face of brute facts that disprove the tenets of their belief system!

    Why? Why?

    I really can't understand the phenomenon. Sometimes I think in the UK it's bound up with snobbery - distrust of foreigners being the mark of the indigenous peasantry. But then when we look abroad we see the same PC dogma in place, whether it be a New York Times editorial, a French TV series (Spin, the offering on More 4, has a suicide bomber who's not a Muslim, and a loyal personal guard of the President who is), the German state broadcaster denying Germans access to information...

    It's a shame there isn't a towering intellect who could write a book titled Political Correctness, really explaining how this belief system got a hold.

    Maybe it's a Hegelian thing - and everyone in the West is reacting against the centuries of brutal oppression we visited on the rest of the world and native populations in the era of slavery and imperialism.

    I really don't know. It's not difficult to acquaint yourself with what is in the Koran and Hadith, the historical record of Mohammed, or what is taught in Madrasses by Islamic clerics. And yet virtually all politicians, media operators and artists, pretend that none of it is true! Obviously lots of them - politicians particularly - know they are lying. But I think a lot of people just can't face the truth and are deluding themselves - which is why we see some of these insane reactions from Sykes, Guardian writers, and Cable.


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