Sunday 3 January 2016

"The BBC's Middle East editor Alan Johnston"

Here's something odd for BBC watchers from tonight's main BBC website article on the incendiary execution by those nice Saudis of a prominent Shia cleric - an act furiously denounced by those nice Iranians:

Eh? "....the BBC's Middle East editor Alan Johnston reports"? 

Isn't Jeremy Bowen the BBC's Middle East editor? 

The last time I heard Alan Johnston (famously kidnapped by the Palestinian Army of Islam [which, I don't need remind you, has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam - hence it's name!]) was safe and sound helping sing the praises of Pope Francis in Rome.

Has he moved back to the Middle East again? Surely not as the BBC's Middle East editor though?

To repeat: Eh? 

Or is it just a mistake from a BBC online journalist, destined for a swift, silent re-edit? 

Time will tell.

It would be a lovely New Year gift though to see Jeremy Bowen dispatched from the Middle East to, say, Pyongyang. (I can easily imagine him slurping at the foot of Fat Boy Kim.)

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  1. Why do people with virtually inaudible voices, like Alan Johnston, choose radio as a career and why does anyone humour them? Beats me.

    Give me Jeremy over Alan any time.

    AJ was the one who was kidnapped by Islamists wasn't he? Never heard a word of complaint about that from him.


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