Sunday 24 January 2016

Bitchy article

One of the things that came and went was an amusing piece in the Daily Mail about our old friend Lauren Booth. I’m using ‘friend’ in the Corbyn sense. I only mention it really because she looks so weird. Her rebuttal can be read here

Is this woman a journalist by the way? How odd. 

Granted, this has little to do with the BBC.  Please treat it as a frivolity.


  1. Is this the white English Muslim woman the BBC brings in every now and then to be an authentic voice of British Muslims?

    1. Ah, that might be Myriam Francois-Cerrah. She’s on the BBC a lot.

      Lauren Booth appears to be seriously deranged. She’s better known for being Tony Blair’s sister-in-law, converting to Islam, dressing her daughters in modest attire, speaking at anti-Israel rallies, lying etc.


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