Saturday 9 January 2016

Framing the debate

There wasn't time to discuss the subject, apparently, on Any Answers, but still, this is how Anita Anand initially framed what might have been the discussion on events in Germany:
The widespread sexual assault of scores of women in Germany, that's sparking heated debate. Is this kind of spectacle inevitable when you let outsiders in? Are some hijacking the crimes of a few to shut the door on asylum seekers who truly need help? Is this a clash of ideology?  


  1. Clearly the decision to leave the topic to the end was one carefully taken.

    "A clash of ideology" makes it sound like you can argue in favour of sexual assault. If Islam was at issue, would the BBC EVER countenance such a sentiment?

    The correct question should have been "Were the young men involved motivated by Sharia-based ideas they have been taught in the home and the Madrassas they attended?".

  2. Cologne Changed Everything.

    Like some vast Stalinist bureaucracy, the mainstream media didn't realise they had lost control of the narrative until it was too late.

    9/11 made people realise there was a problem.

    But Cologne shows people that appeasement isn't the solution and that the appeasement policy must stop.


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