Thursday 28 January 2016

Holocaust show

Talking of unPC, I’m going to be that now. 

There have been several programmes on the BBC commemorating the Holocaust. We’ve always said here, or at least I have, that in spite of the BBC’s institutional bias against Israel and its aptitude for antisemitic slips of the tongue, they have / it has / always been duly respectful towards the Holocaust.

It’s partly to do with the “misery memoir” phenomenon, a combination of morbid curiosity / placing oneself in imaginary situations of extreme deprivation would I cope? etc... and awe at the enormity of man’s inhumanity.

I’m uneasy that the BBC has turned it into a ‘show’ in the Piers Morgan sense, as in Morgan disrespectfully ascribing the populist term “show” to Question Time, which David Dimbleby considers a ‘programme.’  

The somewhat faltering narration (were they sight-reading?) by a couple of well known actors looked under-rehearsed, but that is a minor criticism. In general it was a respectful and moving ceremony.

Here’s the unPC bit. 

I don’t feel comfortable with this obligatory inclusivity that has established itself at the BBC. 
Why must “Islamophobia” and antisemitism be stuck together all the time. They aren’t two sides of any coin, no matter how much you pretend they are. But to be honest, I would also ask why must Cambodia, Rwanda and Bosnia have to be included in the Holocaust memorial commemorations? Get your own commemorations, I’m tempted to say. It’s taken  nearly 70 years to get ours. 
All genocides should be commemorated, no question; but why now? (I'm surprised they haven't included 'the Gaza genocide'.)

Not so long ago the MCB and other Islamic organisations would boycott Holocaust Memorial commemorations. Now that the commemorations are no longer exclusively Jewish they’ve come round. We’re even gifted with Mishal Husain as presenter. Whoopdedoo. I’d sooner do without. Sorry.


  1. This is why I have always opposed the introduction of the Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK. I always felt it would undermine our understanding of the holocaust as a uniquely horrific event in terms of European history and so it has proved.

    Only something like 300 UK citizens died in the holocaust, not far off the figure for 9-11, so to formalise our commemoration in the UK through governmental oversight was always going to be a mistake. Inevitably anti-Jewish grievance groups like the Palestinians will seek to undermine the day and other groups who have indeed suffered genocide who are well represented in this country now will want to know "why not remember us as well?". The process of rejecting such claims is demeaning to those for whom Holocaust Memorial Day has real, visceral meaning.

    It would have been better if the memorial had never been formalised because these competing claims will not go away.

  2. This article on the BBC website is an absolute disgrace - full of misinformation and misdirection.

  3. I too have noticed the bandwagon hops and hopeful hitching of ANY victim group to the Holocaust.
    The word itself is unique-in all history no "civilised", scientific, progressive and rational people..a nation state succeeded in democratically electing to wipe another race, religion or people using its own tools of mass production and bureaucratic agencies. With largely full compliance from its entire population, academics, arts, teachers and citizens.
    It is simply beyond anything ever done-attempted-a new form of evil we simply could never have 9/11, but far more pernicious in the fusion of ancient hate against Jews, allied with full modern scientific methods.
    I am SICK of Muslims being lumped in with this-for they themselves largely approve of the same destination for the Jews, all too often...and there is no dispute of this.
    For anybody but Israel and its diaspora to DARE to hijack this Shoah for their own tawdry evil ends is disgusting-and why Israels Friends don`t deal forcefully with this sacriledge is beyond me....lazy sentimental reflux will lead to yet MORE anti-Semitism from Islam and the Scientism atheists and cringing liberals who prefer to blame Israel for anything...because they`re shit scared to take on Islam.
    I hope to live to see that word Holocaust re-sanctified , so that only the Israelis and the Catholic Bible use it easily...and to do ther will invite spitting "hate crime" responses like WE have to put up with these days.
    An allegation that should trump their top words like "racist" or "xenophobe"...God Bless Israel, God dams the circle of hell reserved for grief farmers and those who wear striped pyjamas and think they`re concentration camp prisoners...evil delusional anti-Semites.

  4. I'm glad you brought that up, Sue. I felt exactly the same way and I though maybe it was just me.

  5. In Moville, in Moville, in Mo- in Mo- in Mo- In Moville, There's a Jewboy name of Cohen, to the Catholic church he's going coz his jockstrap/foreskin (delete as apt) keeps a growing in Moville.


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