Tuesday 23 August 2016

And...Diane Abbott???!!?!!!

Radio 4 may be starting to make a habit of asking Remain-supporting non-BBC journalists to present important documentaries about Brexit. 

We've already had two editions of strongly pro-Remain Times writer David Aaronovitch's The Briefing Room, and tonight came Economist editor Anne McElvoy's How We Voted Brexit. She's also openly stated that she voted Remain (on Newsnight and on Twitter). 

Thankfully Anne McElvoy did a very good job tonight. Unlike David Aaronovitch, she played an understated role and gave us a fair range of voices, with Iain Duncan Smith, Nigel Farage, Gisela Stuart and Matthew Elliott on one side, and Alan Johnson, Will Straw, Paddy Ashdown and Diane Abbott on the other. (I couldn't quite place Jonathan Marland - who made a very short contribution anyhow).

I enjoyed it, and I note that Twitter is recording praise from both sides - though some Corbynistas are crying foul.

One Corbynista complained that Alan Johnson had been allowed a five-minute rant against Jeremy Corbyn (it was about a minute and a bit - though Mr, Johnson did accused Mr. Corbyn of "treachery") and that Jeremy Corbyn hadn't been given the chance to respond because of BBC bias. 

What that Corbynista didn't point out to his Twitter followers was that the assault on Jeremy Corbyn from Will Straw and Alan Johnson may not have been answered in person by the sainted, train-loving Jeremy but it was answered (as convincingly as ever) by...

Well, I think it's best to let Andrew Neil introduce her in the appropriate way...


  1. Brilliant Diane Abbott. Is that Ronni Ancona?

    1. It's from 'Dead Ringers', so I'm sure it's Jan Ravens. (Some of her newsreaders and Today presenters aren't as good).

    2. She does a mean Theresa May - the best I've heard yet! :)

    3. Maybe she could run the country?

      Our new PM had a brief outing in the spotlight to mutter about Brexit and meet La Sturge, then seems to have vanished for the summer hols.

      Meanwhile as far I can gather 'leadership' of the country, at least via the BBC, is between warring factions of Owen and Jetemy.

  2. The BBC are fully paid up members of the soggy deluded left and so one might expect them to favour JOhnson at Corbyn's expense. Generally though I agree McElvoy is relatively unbiased for a BBC contributor.

    Incidentally though that appears to identify Johnson as a soggy leftist, his Communist background is never far from the surface. I recall during the campaign (where he was far more ineffectual than Corbyn) he stated outright that the Leave vote was largely motivated by bigotry and racism.

    It was quite funny watching on Newsnight last night the reliably miserable Helen Thomas(?) - the economics editor having to report on good post Brexit vote news! :) She managed to look miserable throughout. One senses though that not much effort is required on her part to achieve that. Contrast with Evan who has an idiotic grin on his face whether he's reporting imminent nuclear war or a drop in the unemployment figures.


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