Saturday 13 August 2016

Undercover cover-up

The anti-Israel activities in universities, at the Olympics, in the world in general and the anti-Israel reporting running through the BBC are all pretty overwhelming. Could this ever be turned around?

I’ve been looking at the current thread on Harry’s Place inspired by France’s burkini ban. Some posters are reluctant to condemn conservative Islamic beach-wear while accepting non-Islamic cover-up garments like wet-suits. They don’t wish to be hypocritical. 

M & S  burkini (no longer available)

Apart from the fact that much Islamic dress is hugely impractical, ridiculous and downright comical, 

I can’t help seeing it as a uniform which clearly says “I’m in the club.”
The fact that that particular club is exclusive, divisive, and believes its members to be holier than thou is off-putting enough, but the in-your-face flamboyance of the uniform strikes me as an act of aggression in itself. I can’t see the burka as being different in intent from the full jackboot and swastika nazi uniform. The symbolism is there, whether you like it or not. As several commenters attest, it’s a relatively new phenomenon.

Someone (in a comment on EoZ) has posted a video, (which is actually on YouTube) allegedly filmed in some faith school somewhere in the UK. If this is genuine, and I don’t want to be hypocritical either, I can unequivocally admit that I am horrified.

It’s been quite a while since Channel 4 aired ‘Undercover Mosque’. It’s high time the BBC caught up.

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  1. Personally I think you have to be careful about (a) clothes and (b) honour killings because pretty soon the Sharia mob will have you tied up in knots. They positively WANT you to raise those issues. Don't fight on their ground. Clothes are a matter of personal freedom in the West within basic rules of decency, so you are on a loser trying to attack Islamic clothing. As for honour killings, for every murder motivated by Islamic values you could point to a murder resulting from Western ideals of free expression.

    Forget it. Fight them where they are weak.

    When it comes to Sharia the emphasis should always be on the question of what does it prescribe for non-Muslims, polytheists, women and gays. Any Muslim who speaks on behalf of Islam should be asked specific questions about Sharia rulings on women, gays, non-Muslims and so on. Of course our useless media won't ask them the questions. But we need to spread those questions aroudn the internet so people understand what is at stake.


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