Friday 5 August 2016

Silly season 2

A couple of weeks ago I suggested that Islamic State (so-called) needn’t bother to do all their own terrorism. They could either farm most of it out to the lone wolves and persons with ‘mental health issues’, officially treating them as self-employed affiliates on a zero hours basis.

Or, to save irksome admin, they could just claim responsibility for every murder that takes place anywhere.  The terror factor would be easily as efficient as are, say, bogus burglar alarms in deterring opportunist burglars. Islamic State (so-called) wouldn’t even have to lift a finger.

Alternatively, they could simply re-designate Islamic State (so-called) as a mental illness and be done with it. 


Since they are having trouble finding a replacement for Dame Lowell Goddard,  may I nominate Shami Chakrabarti? She is a lawyer, isn’t she, and has had recent experience of whitewashing handling an inquiry. 

Accusations of hypocrisy on the part of Jeremy Corbyn (a long-standing opponent of the non-elected elitist Lords) for nominating Chakrabarti for a peerage are being vociferously countered by Chakrabarti supporters who insist she’d be a great asset to the Lords.  

Orchestrating reform from within, rather than from without, which chimes nicely with similar assurances by the Labour leader about his friendships with Hamas and Hezbollah. 

It’s disingenuous but at least it’s consistent.

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