Thursday 25 August 2016

Strictly Come Mocking

In other news, the BBC is about to make a one-off 'mockumentary' about a well-known political figure who has recently retired from the scene. 

The actor portraying the aforesaid politician calls him "a gift for parody".

Ah, how I'm looking forward to What a Balls Up! - a hilarious spoof on the fall and rise of Ed Balls, one minute losing his seat in the 2015 general election, the next reappearing (like a tangoing phoenix) on the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing. 

The Radio Times is reporting that the show will include an angle which focuses on his marriage to pixie-like failed Labour leadership candidate Yvette Cooper. 

If only...and of course not. 

In reality, it's all about Nigel Farage. Apparently, they are going to make him part-Basil Fawlty, part-Enoch Powell (and you can guess where that's going to go).

And yes, alas, apparently his wife really will be brought into the mockery too.

Which other well-known politician would the BBC do this to? 

Astonishingly, reports even say "If the episode is a success it could be given the green light to be turned into a full series".

Just imagine that with your 'BBC impartiality' hats on!

Unsuspecting readers might still be hoping that this is a merely a bit of very black satire on our part, but, unfortunately, it isn't. The BBC really are intending to do this.

The BBC are truly beyond parody.


  1. Nigel Farage is worth any number of sniveling Beeboids - what he has achieved for his country is monumental, he should receive every honour going.

  2. What a Balls Up! could be hilarious. Episode 3: Ed comes home to find that Yvette Cooper, in order to save her political credibility has kept her promise and filled the house with a load of "Syrian" engineers, doctors, dentists and would be footballers, none of whom actually posess the talents they claim. As the episode continues, the house could fill up with ever more "children" (all aged 20 plus) , aunties, and uncles - all dependents of course so interfering with Ed Balls' attempts to learn the Moonlight Sonata, until finally he has a jolly wheeze and manages to offload them all on to Jeremy Corbyn.

  3. Craig,

    The Beeb's strategy is to continually undermine Leave voters and leaders in preparation for their, hoped for, 2nd referendum.

    Brexit has not happened yet and will not for at least 2 years. Beeb are getting over the line into naked political bias with this one.

    What are the rules here? Can Farage object?

  4. It is blatant partisan bias. There will be many complaints, all dismissed as it's 'comedy'. I think I'll rewatch Harry and Paul's 'The Twos' just to remind myself that the BBC is not, in fact, beyond parody on at least one level.

  5. Go to any news blog and read the comments - they might win this battle but they are losing the war. It's becoming a mainstream belief that bbc is biased to left.

  6. I sincerely hope you are right. The overriding impression I get from the BBC, particularly from BBC comedy, is the unshakeable belief that they represent mainstream opinion. They are like the pathological liar who believes his own lies.

    1. HIGNFY is not like that. Apparently.

    2. It is a bit. More than a bit, often enough. Even more sometimes, depending on the host. Ever seen them make fun of the Obamessiah for anything, even once? Excluding the opening animated sequence, brave souls speaking truth to power that they are.

      How many gags poking fun at Remainiacs were there? Fewer than one, I think. Regularly scheduled fatty jokes about Eamonn Holmes and Eric Pickles, but never about Diane Abbott. Ever heard a joke about Hillary Clinton? Ever seen Hislop go on one of his patented moralizing soap box routines about her corruption or lies? Never happened, never will.

  7. 'Apparently', in a HIGNFY context, can cover many scenarios.


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