Wednesday 10 August 2016

Where else can we go?

“Mr Rotheram is the Parliamentary Private Secretary to Jeremy Corbyn and a close ally of the Labour leader.”

Close ally? I should say so!
So that’s the person who sat beside Shami Chakrabarti at the HoC inquiry into anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. You know, the one who helped her with that mysterious stream of post-it notes she kept passing to her client sponsor. 

Next to Ms Chakrabarti in the front row, directly behind Jeremy Corbyn, sat a stern-faced man in a dark suit who Keith Vaz referred to as “Mr. Rotherham.”  He and Ms. Chakkrabarti gave each other meaningful looks, and he too passed a post-it note to Mr. Corbyn. Keith Vaz spotted this and scolded them.” 

 Got the spelling wrong, but ...Mr Rother'am now looks set to be Mayor of Liverpool.  Good grief. Derek Hatton, anyone? 


Meanwhile, the Labour Party’s BDS policy is proving somewhat inconvenient. 

Labour may have to cancel its annual conference unless it signs a deal with a new security company after taking the decision to boycott G4S.
The party has failed to get a new company on board after cancelling its deal with G4S because of its links with Israeli prisons, according to leaked emails to Iain McNicol, Labour's general secretary.  
There are concerns the Home Office and police could shut down the conference, set to start on Sept 25, if Labour fails to source its own security. 
It is understood that Labour is now so desperate it has raised the possibility of the G4S boycott being "reversed".  
The party's national executive committee voted last year to boycott G4S after the Palestine Solidarity Campaign claimed the company was linked to "Israeli prisons which hold Palestinian political prisoners from occupied Palestinian territory inside Israel". 
A Labour source admitted to the Times that a deal with a security company had still not been finalised but was "absolutely confident that arrangements for security will be in place and the conference will go ahead".
Politicians everywhere are merrily cutting off their noses to spite their faces. Elsewhere, people are  are quietly murmuring: “This Country is finished. Where else could we go?”
 The BBC is doing a great job, ain’t it?



  1. Is it it me or has the BBC suddenly turned on the afterburners when it comes to sexism and or islamophobia?

    It's probably because I live and work in the (mid) north but I can't say I witness any of either on a daily basis.

    1. Did you buy a cheese roll from your local bakers? Did they call you "love", "chuck" or any other form of endearment? Well that will count as sexism according to the BBC. And if you tut-tutted at all those recent terrorist attacks across Europe - well that is clearly Islamophobia because instead of tut-tutting you should have been saying "I am glad that no Muslims support or indeed have anything whatsoever to do with these attacks."

    2. Quite. It's difficult at this point to decide if it's Orwellian, Maoist, or Juche.

    3. Whatever it is, there will on standby many highly paid, mostly anonymous BBC personnel to say they believe they have got it about right. Over and over...


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