Sunday 14 August 2016


Here's something peculiar, courtesy of Newssniffer, which I stumbled on yesterday while searching for something else... 

The main BBC online article announcing, on 16 May, that:

was suddenly edited yesterday, almost three months later. 

The original article had already been amended once (on 16 May) from:


Yesterday (13 August), however, it was edited again, this time from:



Had someone successfully complained to the BBC that "Islamophobia" is not a "form of racism"?


Going back to the earlier amendment in May - the one that added the word "independent" to "the inquiry" - maybe that also needs amending again now, this time to remove the word "independent".

Given that Shami didn't just join the Labour Party but went on to produce a whitewash of a report and then was put in the House of Lords by Jeremy Corbyn, the BBC article appears to have been right first time round.


  1. Nor, for that matter, is it a phobia.

  2. They left out the quote from Sir Humphrey Appleby about how trustworthy the person in charge was.

    Baroness Shami of Whitewash. As soon as the inquiry was announced it was watered down to include "other forms of racism", and the game was up. It's sadly not at all astonishing that the BBC is playing along with the Labour propaganda.


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