Sunday 14 August 2016

Blind eyes

Catching up (h/t Sisyphus)...

Thursday night's The Paperspresented by Martine Croxall, discussed the Telegraph's main story, among others.

The Telegraph's headline was Blind eye turned to Muslim vote 'fraud' and during the opening run-through of the newspaper headlines, Martine, in that rather BBC way of hers, read that out as:
The Telegraph leads with allegations of electoral fraud in some communities.
When she later discussed that with her panel - former Labour advisor Ayesha Hazarika and Toby Young of the Spectator - she did read out the headline in full but then immediately went back to her own preferred way of putting it (ironically, rather seeming to prove Sir Eric Pickles's point in the process):
Let's just look at the Telegraph: "Blind eye turned to Muslim vote 'fraud'". We now have a corruption tsar, in the form of Sir Eric Pickles, who is saying that people are a little bit too... 'politically correct' is the expression that's being used...overly sensitive about looking at issues of election fraud in certain communities. 
Ayesha Hazarika (a Muslim) replied that claims of fraud should be looked into "regardless of the community". It's "not about sensitivities", she added. And we "shouldn't be stigmatising communities" either.

Ayesha and Martine were speaking the same language there.

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  1. Hazarika (former Miliband political adviser)is never off Sky news press review - she probably manages to be on Sky and BBC at the same time. And now they have another former Miliband aide fast becoming a constant guest - Sonia Sodhal, who gabbles loudly and insistently all over whoever is on with her. Alex Deane looked furious the last time he got the treatment and even Isabel Oakeshott was reduced to silence for much of the time. I wonder if she is on the BBC as well.


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