Thursday 25 August 2016

How to use a wet towel

On a much-needed lighter note, I did enjoy this week's Profile on Radio 4 from John-Peel-impersonator Mark Coles.

It was on the subject of 'the lady of last week', Laura Trott.

Among the many striking factoids featured I was particularly struck by how superstitious R Laura is. 

She has a lucky hairband, a lucky bracelet (which her mother gave her), a lucky toy dog which she always carries with her - and a lucky towel. 

It has to be a wet towel, and she stands on it before every race. 

I think I ought to start standing on a wet towel before blogging. Would there be fewer posts like this if I did? Or more?


  1. Good thing she doesn't carry around a Bible, or the tone would be quite different.

  2. I think BBC Newsreaders have to stand on a wet towel before they claim: "There was no indication of radicalisation or a religious motive."


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