Saturday 20 August 2016

The BBC and half the story

Following on from Sue's post...

That BBC article cites French journalist Alexandra Gonzalez's tweets. 

She sent out 6 tweets in quick succession:

including the one highlighted above:
Selon le grand rabbin de Strasbourg, René Gutman, l'homme avait déjà agressé une personne de confession juive à Strasbourg, en 2010 (AFP). 
According to the Chief Rabbi of Strasbourg, René Gutman, the man had assaulted a person of the Jewish faith in Strasbourg, in 2010 (AFP).
So the BBC reporter who wrote that report, and linked to her tweets in it, must have read that particular tweet too. (It's impossible to miss.) It was tweeted at the same time.

That BBC reporter must, therefore, have consciously decided not to report it - even though it is obviously highly relevant to the story.

That, surely, is dishonest reporting.

The BBC report has not been updated since it was first published.

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  1. Either the reporter or an editor added on the coda about previous attacks on Jews in France, including some being killed in a Paris market in January. But no mention of what else happened on the same day. That waters down the entire thing to a simplistic Jews vs Muslims story, for which as we know most Beeboids blame Israel. No reason to think about the bigger picture of Islamic terrorism.

    Would mentioning what else Muslims did in Paris on that same day have distracted from the specifics of this incident? Professional journalists clearly felt it was important to provide background, yet they censored a key bit of it.


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