Sunday 14 August 2016

Begg pardon?

Apropos my recent observation that some sort of tide is turning against the BBC, something similar seems to have been happening at the Guardian. If so, it’s about time, too. 

Perusing the recent post by Jacobinism on Harry’s Place headed “Moazzam Begg and the Guardian’s Film Critic”, my eye was drawn to a below-the-line comment. 

Before I expand on that, I’ll just say that Jacobinism’s excellent piece concerns a fawning review in the Guardian of an equally fawning documentary about Moazzam Begg of Guantánamo Bay / Shami Chakrabarti infamy. 

The film critic in question is the Guardian’s Mike McCahill, and his critique has certainly taken a hammering below the line, as the H.P. commenter pointed out.

This is gratifying. Jacobinism’s article is spot on, and a good read too. While You’re at it, do take the trouble to check out the review and of course the btl comments - before they’re all ‘disappeared’.

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  1. There are so many b-t-l comments opposed to the Guardian 'line' these days that I find myself wondering if the paper's circulation figures are not unnecessarily boosted by people like me buying the wretched rag to find out what the enemy is up to!


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