Friday 19 August 2016

Missing item?

A rabbi has been stabbed by another of those persons with mental health issues. For some unconnected reason the lone assailant allegedly uttered ‘Allahu Akbar’ during the episode, which took place in the French city of Strasbourg. The incident has been widely reported, but it seems one prominent news organ hasn’t yet noticed the incident.....

.........Ah, hang on. The BBC has reported it, here.  ("Three hours ago")
But don't worry, it's not terrorist-related and no anti-Semitic motive has been established.

"According to the police source quoted by AFP news agency, the suspected attacker has a history of mental illness. 
Alexandra Gonzalez, crime journalist for French digital TV channel BFMTV,tweeted (in French) to say that the injured man's life was not in danger.
She also quoted a source close to the inquiry as saying that "no anti-Semitic motive had yet been established".

Of course it wasn’t the BBC that decided that the motive has nothing to do with Islam, it was French spokespersons. ("A source close to the inquiry". )
However, the BBC’s reporting does seem to have taken these reassurances at face value rather more readily than, say, the OMG Daily Mail and, say, the Telegraph.
Rabbi Gutman said the suspect had previously attacked a member of the Strasbourg  Jewish community in 2010. 
That attack was also on a man wearing a skullcap, police told AFP news agency. 

The attacker, who stabbed his victim and beat him with an iron bar, suffered from psychiatric problems and spoke to police of his belief that Jews were running the world and were to blame for all his woes.

Isn’t it a remarkable coincidence that the attacker’s psychotic episodes happened to be directed at men wearing skullcaps? What are the chances of that happening? 


  1. There seems to be an awful lot of mental illness about. Apparently critics of Islam are also suffering from a phobia neurosis.

  2. Alarmingly 1 in 4 people suffer from a mental illness.

    There are also 1.6 billion Muslims in the world or 23% of the world population. Source Google.

  3. The whole tragedy of the ultimate removal of our national broadcaster to come ,will be due to the fact that we no longer need even to check what the story will be.
    We just go the Internet, get a sense of the true story...and then laugh as the BBC contorts itself into some apologising twister parody of a Muslimanic spokepiece.
    They are truly pathetic and predictable-so as they called Cameron wrong last year, Brexit wrong two months back-and soon Trumps election-they`ll be seen as futile and self serving as the dog warden pressing licences on the people.
    Goodbye BBC-strangers to the truth now since 1979.

  4. Sign of the times?

    Catrin Nye is getting a real hammering on Twitter from Islamorealists for her suggestion that objecting to Sharia is Islamophobic.

    It does seem as if the public mood is changing.


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