Sunday 14 August 2016

ITBB and R Vladimir

Even those of you who don't own blogs will probably guess that we bloggers look at our blog stats from time to time. 

And ours at ITBB, already quite impressive, even in comparison to comparable much-more-high-profile blogs (despite our relative lack of comments), have (like those comparable blogs) frequently benefited from eager 'bots'. 

We recently had a very strange 'spike' from Russia. We're putting that down to pectastic President Putin and his myriad multitudes of buff 'bots'.

Unfortunately, that 'spike' has now fallen away and we're really, really missing our beloved, holy  and patriotic Russian Krembots. 


(a) We firmly believe the BBC, acting on behalf of MI5, was responsible for Russia getting banned from certain Olympic events and from the Paralympics and that the widespread evidence of drug-taking among Russian spokesmen and women is a BBC-led Western conspiracy against Russia.

(b) Putin is super-hunky. 

So, please, please come back, Vladbots. Come back! (We promise never again to insult[the disgraceful propaganda outfit] the utterly splendorous RT).

All of which calls for a truly magnificent Russian tune:

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