Sunday 28 January 2018

A bit of cheer in advance of another week

For those who are really disappointed not to have any Rob Burley action today, here's one of his few exchanges. It does both participants credit. 

It all started with this image from Robert Peston tweeted in advance of today's Peston on Sunday on ITV: 

Then it all kicked off (as Paul Mason would say). Alexander Gardiner, managing director of ITV studios until last year, took Rob up on his cheeky tweet:
Rob Burley: So many staff!
Alexander Gardiner: Err, just look at the team photos you keep tweeting with your Hollywood film promo interviews. Pot/kettle/Black.
Rob Burley: Meryl isn't on the payroll. And most of them were camerapeople!
Alexander Gardiner: And you don’t know who is in that photo. Don’t troll the opposition when you have the organisational might of the BBC behind you.  I know you’re bigger than that.
Rob Burley: And you know I love ITV having a political programme back, god knows it was a thankless task back in the day so it's good it's supported.
Alexander Gardiner: That’s the Rob Burley I know and love.
Do you know what that calls for? Yes, a heartwarming dog video!

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  1. I have been having a tease too. Rob seems to have opted for blanking. Again.


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