Sunday 21 January 2018

Post-Morecambe Hotel Dinner (With Wine) Ramble

Better than any eating place in Blackpool

I went for a meal out today at Morecambe's magnificent Morecambe Hotel. 

It's a classy, friendly, not-too-pricey place with spectacular views of the road leading to the Bingo hall. 

It's the kind of place I can easily imagine meeting Rob Burley, editor of The Andrew Marr Show, for a meal, lots of wine and a friendly chat. 

I very much like Rob. I think he's funny and charming and kind, and I'm very firmly of the view that Rob is one of the good guys when it comes to BBC bias and an absolute credit to the BBC - and to what the BBC is meant to be. 

He tries to live up to the ideals of BBC impartiality and usually succeeds, and The Andrew Marr Show is careful about being fair in its guest selection as a result.

He's also usually spot-on when it comes to batting off criticisms of his programme, and his willing engagement with the twittering public is second-to-none (as befits the editor of Newswatch). 

He was defending a sticky wicket, panicked, and got bowled out. 

He loves the BBC. But the BBC isn't always right (to put it mildly!!). I'm not always right either. And neither is he, or Andrew Marr.

Sigh, accept, embrace, admit, and move on. And please come and meet me in Morecambe!

Here endeth the ramble.

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  1. Burley benefits, somewhat unjustly, by comparison with the rest of the BBC. The fact that he actually engages with arguments rather than simply parrotting standard BBC Eff-off lines makes him stand out. But really should we be giving such credit? He's simply doing what they all should be doing and only to a minimum level. He has never admitted Marr's soggy left bias which is clear for all to see.


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