Sunday 14 January 2018

Let's get ready to rumble!

If you've been missing our weekly round-up of the Twitter mayhem that invariably follows The Andrew Marr Showspecifically editor Rob Burley's doughty engagement with all manner of charming, fair-minded people - here's a selection of today's action...


Rob Burley: This one goes out to all those who said the only French politician we are interested in is Marine Le Pen because, you know, some bias claptrap.
Stewart Lewis: Before the French election, the only politician you showed interest in was Marine le Pen.  Glad to see you now also interested in the person who beat her by a massive margin to the Presidency
Rob Burley: Brilliant analysis Stewart but ignores fact that we actually booked Macron on the show before Le Pen AND tried to book all the other leading contenders including EM during the election. So we were interested in all of them, consistently and for ages.
Stewart Lewis: Apologies if you had Macron on the show, which I missed.  You might perhaps have communicated that you tried to book others; in the absence of that, and with the fawning nature of the le Pen interview, I think our conclusion is understandable
Rob Burley: I repeatedly stated I was bidding for all candidates. And it wasn't remotely "fawning".
Stewart Lewis: We'll have to agree to differ, but I'll just say this: Marine le Pen tries to avoid scrutiny of her party today by discussing how she distanced herself from her father's racism. Most journalists are now wise to that, but Andrew played right into her hands. Check it back
Rob Burley: I don't need to check it back, it was my show. So..
Stewart Lewis: Interesting - I wrote many reports in my career, but if a client or colleague ever asked me to look back and check something in a new light, I'd do it without hesitation. I guess you have greater certainty.  Thanks for discussing (up to a point) anyway
Rob Burley: It's not an unfamiliar complaint though is it? And you are a regular complaint too!

Rob Burley: This one goes out to all those who said the only French politician we are interested in is Marine Le Pen because, you know, some bias claptrap.
David Aaronovitch: It wasn’t untrue when it was said (of the serious media generally). Not all criticism is wrong, comrade Burley.
Rob Burley: True but this specific charge against us ignored the fact that we had already had Macron before Le Pen AND that we were bidding for all of the main candidates. We can't make 'em come on. So repeated charge we were only interested in MLP utter, well, testicules.

Alf Bibby: why do you interupt labour and snp people yet yougive tories a free rein #torybias
Rob Burley: We don't.
Alf Bibby: Evidence says different #torybias
Rob Burley: You havent got any evidence.
Alf Bibby: Just re run the shows and see
Rob Burley: Soz Alf that's your job if you have "evidence".
Alf Bibby: Whats the point you are blindfolded to bias like this tory gov is blindfolded to the problems of the country
Rob Burley: What's the point indeed Alf.
Alf Bibby: Put it another way do you think it is right to have a known Tory #marr to interview opposition party spokespeople
Rob Burley: I detect a problem in your question Alf.

Alf wanted the last word though....

Alf Bibby: Throwing the dead cat on th table a typical tory trick

Kevin Peters: The MSM shills like #Marr and #Peston will steer well clear of #Carillion as heaven forbid they should ask ministers what they are going to do before they are ready. As perusal what are the topics the corporate media avoids is most telling.
Rob Burley: Very astute analysis barring the fact that we asked Brandon Lewis about #Carillion on the telly earlier today.

Pete Heskett: Hi @RobBurl curious about @toryboypierce and @BrandonLewis being allowed to spread fake news about @johnmcdonnellMP on #marr this morning. Given @DominicRaab also did so on @bbcquestiontime on Thurs would it not be the producers job of Marr to tell them beforehand not to do this?
Rob Burley: We don't stop people saying things. But both times it was said we put John McDonnell's side of the story.
Pete Heskett: Intrigued - so am I to conclude that senior BBC executives such as @bbcnickrobinson want fake news from @TheCanarySays or @skwawkbox censored but when it is Mail journalists or Conservative politicians spreading fake news about @UKLabour on a flagship BBC politics show it’s okay?
Rob Burley: I can't be bothered with your snark Pete. If you want a civilised conversation about it let me know.

Lek Black: #marr Why do all you sheep watch this clown.
Rob Burley: Do sheep watch clowns? Is this a thing?

Mary McGonigal‏: Andrew #Marr and what he does or says is irrelevant to me. He’s virtual reality. In the real world in Scotland he matters very little. If he matters in London then more fool you.
Rob Burley: Well I do work on his show so he does kinda matter..


  1. Do Sheep Watch Clowns? Sounds like one of those Oxford philosophy questions.

  2. Actually it is the disappointing sequel to ‘The Men Who Stare At Goats’


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