Saturday 27 January 2018

Notes from a small, obscure, far-right, website (this one)

Following Daniel Sandford's bizarre comments on that video, particularly his references to the al-Quds march, I’d like to bring more Hezbollah related material to your attention.

According to Sandford, the al-Quds march was ‘obscure’ therefore did not merit being reported, specifically for fear of inciting people like Darren Osborne. 

What an odd concept, particularly as it seems it was the BBC’s own dramatisation “Three Girls” that was, at least according to this, Osborne’s major inspiration; that and being unhinged. 

I’ve already posted a brief article on the recent Hezbollah debate in the House of Commons. There was an implied thread running through the piece, which is that the desire to proscribe Hezbollah in its entirety was a joint-party matter. My intention was to highlight the fact that the divide was not between Labour and Conservative, but between people who knew what Hezbollah was all about, and ignoramuses and cowards who buried their heads in the sand for fear of triggering the “Islamists” among us, as well as a coalition of deluded and weak Conservative MPs and the current Labour leadership.

There is a worthwhile opinion piece from CUFI (Christians United For Israel) which I urge you to read, as it sets out the arguments for proscribing Hezbollah with clarity. 

The Times has also published some interesting commentary about this topic. One erudite article is by Col. Richard Kemp, who has forgotten more about Hezbollah than Daniel Sandford will ever know about informative reporting, and interestingly, this piece, which sets out the idiotic attitude of both front benches which led to the kibosh being firmly put on common sense. It’s a short piece, and I advise you to have a look. 

If you’re interested in Trump’s misgivings about the Iran deal, and you’re wondering if you have been getting the full story, you haven’t. (without sounding like Michael Fish) You might have seen reports about this on ’obscure” “far-right’ websites,  but now your actual mainstream press in the form of The Times, brings you this. 

I don’t have enough time to blog as fully and as frequently as I’d like, so sometimes I rely on links to flesh out my arguments. I know it can be a bit of a fag to click, but if it weren’t for hyperlinks I’d be stuffed.

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