Monday 8 January 2018

The Carrie-on Saga

The  Carrie Gracie saga gets more farcical by the minute.

Firstly; how can the BBC achieve “equality” without,  a) levelling up women employees’  pay or b) bringing male employees’ pay down? (allegedly forbidden under employment law)

Secondly; not quitting the BBC looks like having cake and eating.

Thirdly; why agree to co-present the Today Programme  with stratospheric-salaried John Humphrys?

Fourthly; what if the entire sisterhood decides to sue the Beeb?

Fifthly, does ‘equal pay for equal work’ apply to a unique post like, say, China Editor?

Sixthly; some below the line commenters are comparing Carrie Gracie unfavourably to Jeremy Bowen in terms of ‘danger money’. They say Bowen could be shot at any moment.


  1. Carrie On my wayward Editor.....

    I am so awaiting ninthly. And it looks set to come.

  2. So many questions...

    If Bowen was shot "by both sides" would that prove he had always been impartial?

    If Carrie Gracie was called Gary Casey would she be paid double?

    Does anyone else apart from Our Carrie speak Mandarin Chinese - I mean apart from all the Chinese secret agents embedded in the BBC?

    Which takes more brain power: interpreting a Presidential tweet or trying to make sense of a statement by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party?


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