Saturday 27 January 2018

Check the labels!

The final day of the second round of voting in the Czech presidential election is well underway.. A snapshot of how the BBC is reporting it is provided by the following transcript of BBC Prague correspondent Rob Cameron talking to Tim Wilcox:
Milos Zeman is an outspoken pro-Russian, pro-Chinese Islamophobe. He's very politically incorrect. He's dallied with the far-right, even though he is ostensibly a left-wing politician, in recent years. And he's someone whom his opponents say has really cheapened the political and public discourse in this country with his frequent vulgar comments, vulgar language, his heavy drinking (which he doesn't deny) and and so on. He's also rather old, and he's rather ailing as well. He suffers from diabetes and has problems walking. So he does to many of his opponents represent the past of Czech politics and they said that Professor Drahos, who is just 5 years younger but seems much fitter than Mr. Zeman, is the man of the future. Of course the voters will have to decide that and Mr. Zeman still has many supporters in this country. It's going to be extremely tight election.
Do you get the impression that Rob doesn't reckon much to Milos Zeman?

Update: The nasty old, ailing Islamophobe "populist" beat the nice pro-EU professor.

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