Saturday 6 January 2018

The elephant in the ward

The BBC News website has a new 'explainer':

Now, there's no prize for guessing what doesn't get a mention in the entire article. Yes, immigration. (h/t Not a Sheep). 

According to Migration Watch, immigration has had a major impact on NHS demand. As an indication of the scale of the possible impact, they write: "In 2015/2016 there were almost 745,000 new migrant GP registrations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – that is more than one every minute and the highest number on record."  

It's a familiar complaint on blogs hereabouts that the BBC invariably sweeps this particular elephant under the carpet whenever it discusses 'why the NHS is in trouble', but familiarity doesn't make the complaint any less true. 


  1. Thanks. Useful facts to hit my Corbyn supporting NHS brother in law over the head with when this next comes up at a family gathering.

  2. Amazing. All these extra folk and none getting knocked up, poorly or infirm, and all pumping funds into the NI.

    Maybe it's like the BBC pension fund, that can only go up as well as up?

  3. I expect the BBC ignore a few other facts as well.

    Diabetes is one of the major calls on NHS resources (I think it now accounts for about £10 billion of expenditure).

    "Type 2 diabetes is up to six times more common in people of South Asian descent and up to three times more common among people of African and African-Caribbean origin"

    When you throw in FGM clinics, genetic diseases associated with close cousin marriage, much higher proportion of AIDS cases, and increased demand on maternity services, then the impact of mass immigration is a huge negative.

    Citizens are citizens and deserve health care irrespective of their family background. However,the BBC is very pleased to give us the positive side of migration and emphasise at all our times our alleged dependence on migrants to keep the NHS going (much exaggerated). But they refuse to look at the negative impacts of migration on health care, despite there being a lot.

    1. Covering up the downsides of mass immigration is the where the BBC supports the Government, and for me demonstrates the core reason why we still suffer such a dominant "state" broadcaster.

      Imagine if the BBC started enquiring and publicising the downsides of mass immigration with the same zeal it devotes to publicising "thecrisisintheNHS"! Why, the public might call for "something to be done" about mass immigration. They might also question why 745,000 new arrivals should benefit immediately from a free at point of use system that has taken generations of taxpayers money to build. Such difficult questions wouldn't suit our London elite at all.


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