Saturday 20 January 2018

No more late nights for James

A swallow I thought I spotted in May last year actually does now make a summer. Newsnight came to its senses after all:

If you want a reminder of the sheer awfulness and partisanship of JO'B's attack on Asra Nomani please click here.  

I wander if the decision to drop James O'Brien came before or after Ian Katz's departure from Newsnight back in October last year? His last gig on Newsnight was on 26 October. Did acting editors Jess Brammar and Daniel Clarke make that wise decision, or was it a parting gift from Mr Katz? Twitter suggests it was around 30 October that JO'B was requested to step aside, one day before Ian Katz's departure was formally announced


  1. does that mean the BBC accept his broadcasting was biased? Does anyone remember any complaints being sent in about JO'B and what the BBC response was?

  2. I feel moved to poetry...

    James O'Brien
    You were always tryin'
    To dump on Trump..
    With your eyes screwed up into little slits
    You irritated me to bits.
    Newsnight was already full of shite.
    No need for you to shovel it on.
    I'm glad you're gone.

    And I mean that most sincerely folks!

    1. That deserves to go into our forthcoming 'ITBB Book of Poetry' alongside such gems as 'The Rhyme of the Ancient Today Presenter', 'Ode to Annie Nightingale' and 'I Wandered Lonely as a Female BBC China Editor'. I'll be writing to Roger McGough to have that read out on the next series of 'Poetry Please'!


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