Wednesday 3 January 2018

And repeat...

So Guido Fawkes has caught the BBC out for failing to mention that a staff nurse they " repeatedly attack the government over the so-called 'NHS crisis' this morning" is "a top Corbynista, star of a Labour Party Political Broadcast and hardline left-wing activist":
5Live introduced Danielle Tiplady by saying “Let’s bring in Danielle who is a staff nurse”, before she went on to reel off Labour attack lines on the NHS. 
The BBC has admitted they got it wrong with a semi-apology on Twitter:

The interesting thing here is that this is the second time Fawkes has caught the BBC out over this lady. And, Googling around, guess what the BBC's answer was last time, according to the Mail

Almost identical words. Talk about sticking to a formula!


  1. It's really no different from their bias by expert schtick where they bring in people they know are dedicated political activists and present them as dispassionate experts from the world of academia or research.

  2. What a perfect example of what the BBC could be and what it is. The Health Service is exactly the kind of crucial issue where we need a serious discussion unsullied by party politics. Yet as ever the BBC lets down the licence paying public with something that is, in straight-talking terms, electioneering for the Labour party.

    1. Yes, since first thing yesterday the BBC has been playing up "thecrisisintheNHS" angle on every news item. What does this achieve other than implying a failure of the Conservative Government and therefore the need for Labour? It's quite sinister.

      Re-arranging non urgent operations to less busy times seems simply extremely sensible to me. But the purpose of the BBC here is not to talk sense, it is to create fear and anger. Yes, sinister.


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