Saturday 6 January 2018

Who's Afraid Of Michael Wolff?

Just a little Twitter fun for the weekend...

Four days ago:


The man's name is Michael Wolff. 😎


  1. I listened to the Robinson - Wolff interview on R4 Today. To my ear, even Robinson's leading questioning couldn't make Wolff sound reliable.

    Wolff said Trump hadn't heard the term "Brexit" until he explained that it was UK leaving the EU - which Trump was aware of, so no big deal!

    Robinson asked him about the Russia collusion allegations and Wolff changed the subject.

    Enjoyably, Wolff confirmed his allegations against Blair.

    Seems to me that with the Russia collusion charge failing (and more investigation of Clinton's activities stepping-up) that the elites are changing the point of attack on Trump from collusion to fitness for office. Trump is not a career politician and does things differently to how the elite and MSM are comfortable with - maybe that view could be discussed?

    Just wish I could rely on the BBC to give me a balanced view. But I can't.

  2. Twitter, which Nick seems to be aware of as selectively as Lone Wolff seems to be about his memories of Trump, has not been kind to claims made and duly passed on (in all senses of the word) by the 29% trusted national broadcaster.

  3. I am surprised no one has commented yet on the remarkable likeness between Michael Wolff and Dr. Evil. Moreover both seek to intervene in world politics to great personal advantage. A coincidence? I don't think so.

    1. It's absolutely no coincidence that Wolff's book is coming out now, just as the Russia collusion investigation seems to be stalling.


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