Sunday 28 January 2018

Sunday Morning Reading

A little bit of Rod Liddle from the Sunday Times to start the day...

Oh, and also from the Sunday Times, it looks as if Mr. Marr has agreed to take a pay-cut when his contract is renegotiated in the summer. He's presently in the 400,000-449,000 band. 

Meanwhile, according to the Mail on Sunday, Fiona Bruce, 350,000-399,000, apparently wants her salary put up!


  1. I may have dreamt this (eek if so) but I think I heard on R4 that the BBC ladies would not just be satisfied with parity, they will also want redress for several years of being underpaid! I took this to mean they want to be paid more...typical positive discrimination is acceptable rubbish.

  2. Right - so Civitas is wrong, Rod Liddle is wrong, the majority who voted for Brexit are wrong and only the over-paid fat cats at the BBC are right...

    1. The BBC usually runs with every poll going.

      What is it about this one that saw the BBC so reticent?

  3. As for BBC salaries, it's clear that they bear no relation to market rates and are effectively "mates' rates", only higher rather than lower than they should be.

    Rod Liddle is on the money as always. My only quibble is that a "high pound" is positive news...this is one of those things that doesn't get much coverage in the BBC. They push all the negatives of a low pound, but in my view the high pound is over-valued in relation to our real economy, and reflects only the use of the City of London as an international money-laundering centre for crooks, dictators, mass murderers,kleptocrats and tax dodgers.


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