Sunday 28 January 2018

Like-minded minds think alike

A jolly Mona

This morning's Sunday on Radio 4 asked the question, 'Are we becoming more racist and intolerant?' and interviewed a leftist lecturer and a Guardian journalist, both from ethnic minorities. 

They didn't disagree, and I bet you can guess what they said. 

Trump and European "ethno-nationalism" (as presenter William Crawley put it) weren't seen as helping. 

The Guardian journalist sounded nice and jolly, especially when saying that non-white people can say that they want to date and marry within their own ethnic group but that white people can't. The leftist professor was much more strait-laced and ideological. 

I'm so glad I gave over seven minutes of my life to listening to that.

At least it can be said that they tried to balance personality types there (jolly v serious).


  1. Mona. Another beauty. I’ve been going on about giant hair for two years now (and it don’t seem a day too much.)

  2. I started listening to "Sunday", but I am afraid as soon as I heard the phrase "micro-aggression" I knew we were in the world of victimhood as a weapon. I switched off the radio.


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