Sunday 7 January 2018

Gender truth gap?

You may have noticed this story yesterday as it was a lead story on the BBC News website for much of the day: 

The Comments thread below it is chock-a-block with people slamming the BBC's reporting. The highest-rated comment, for example, says, "This has been debunked time and time again. When variables such as the actual job done, the hours worked, experience, qualifications and age are taken into account the mythical gender pay gap suddenly disappears. Stop peddling this nonsense, BBC." The reporter's Twitter feed has also been filling up with similar complaints

All I'd add is that, checking NewsSniffer, it took 12 hours after the piece was first published for the following 'balancing' paragraph to be added: 
There was some criticism of the way the data was presented, some made the point that men are paid more than women in certain companies because they are in higher-paid positions.
I suspect she'd been looking at some of the feedback she'd been getting and thought she'd better add it.


  1. 'Evolving the story...' in the vague direction of truth or accuracy seems a poor way to run a £4Bpa 'trusted' news broadcaster.

  2. I believe previous studies have shown that young women like Kate get paid more than young men. Do the BBC complain about that disparity and argue for young men to be given more opportunities at the expense of young women? Hmmm...I very much doubt it.

  3. Men are often paid more often do more dangerous jobs
    The chances of dying at work are small just 100/ year
    97 of them will be men
    Check the official stats

    As for women
    BBC needs to do more for the approx 5,000 groom/rape gang victims
    instead of banging on about London lib elite women


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