Friday 2 February 2018

Tell Mama

The squawk is far from dulcet, and the consonants all but subsumed by the nasal vowels. Oh Kirsty, how you deserve your nick-name.

Well done! Well done to the BBC for airing that disastrous interview, for it wasn’t live, and you could have binned it to save your shame. 

Kirsty, you’ve out Newman-ed Cathy!

The whole of Newsnight was, well, car-crash to the point of pile-up. And to think, I was about to switch over to wait for Question Time. But I didn’t. 

Tommy Robinson has come a long way. Not so long ago, if one had the temerity to even think of mentioning his name, one had to take the precaution of apologising first, like when one is toying with the thought of saying “Geert Wilders!” or “Melanie Phillips!” Trigger!  Trigger warning!  

Now that he’s learned how to articulate his thoughts, Tommy’s formidable. 

Is the BBC running scared? Note how they used an ancient clip of Tommy from the EDL days. Get over it, BBC. He’s moved on.  Come of age. Tommy has blossomed. You can’t smear him quite so easily these days.

The nub of the argument seems to be that the BBC, inspired  by Daniel Sandford no doubt, has taken the view that if only the BBC and the media in general could keep quiet about Muslim terrorism, extremism, and all that divisive “world within a world” stuff, it would all go away. That seems to be the plan. 
The biggest and best, most trusted broadcasting corporation in the world had decided to shield us from it all, for our own good. Then along comes Tommy Robinson to spill the beans, and hey presto! Darren Osborne is unleashed. Geronimo!

No, BBC! All wrong! The terrorism can’t be hidden. You can’t protect us from it by pretending it’s not really happening. You can  play it down, which you do, but you can’t conceal it. Nor should you.

If you are going to blame the messenger, the at least take responsibility for your own message, which you even sugar-coated, with your Maxine Peake playing the heroine. Weren’t we supposed to identify with brave Maxine? Thought so.
Darren Osborne explicitly claimed that he was - let’s call it ‘radicalised ‘ - by your very own emotive drama-documentary, based on a true tale, dramatised and neatly packaged for our gratification. That’s from the horse’s mouth. He wrote it on a piece of paper! 

Yet the BBC has ignored the the fact that its picturesque production, designed to touch our heart strings, played a part in this so-called ‘radicalisation’. On top of that, they even managed to sideline the spate of explosions, car-rammings and stabbings, all explicitly carried out in the name of Allah, and shamelessly, they chose to put the blame on - - Tommy Robinson.

What about that Imam? The one featured in the Darren Osborne report. The Imam who had suddenly noticed the potential of the ‘vehicular’ mode of sending one’s martyr to paradisio. “It could catch on,”  said he, with a fearful expression. What? Hadn’t he noticed Islam’s own weaponisation of the automobile right up until the moment Darren Osborne tried it out? Good grief. Where had that Imam been for the last few years? Praying?

What was it Cdr. Dean Haydon from the Metropolitan Police said to the BBC as he was being filmed  standing in front of those gleaming letters that spell out  “New Scotland Yard”. Oh yes, he called the al-Quds march ‘obscure” . Silly me; I thought there was a debate the other day. You know, in parliament. Hezbollah flags, anyone? That obscure.

Back to Kirsty. One of the issues that hit the headlines yesterday was the rise in antisemitism. What did Newsnight decide to go with? Islamophobia. They wheeled out Tell Mama’s very own grievance monger Fiyaz Mughal, and oh, did the tone change. Leaning forward and smiling, a benevolent  Kirsty encouraged Fiyaz to tell Mama Kirsty all about it. He duly delivered some impassioned Tommy-bashing on Kirsty’s behalf. 

Not to mention her interview with Amanda Spielman. Though slightly subdued, Kirsty still managed to conduct a hostile interview with the woman who recklessly dares to recognise Muslim radicalisation when she sees it. 


  1. Kirsty Wark is a no borders fanatic. The other day on Radio 4 she was regretting the fact that billions of poor people from around the planet are prevented from migrating to the UK.

    The no borders ideology is a sub part of the fallacious PC Multiculturalist doctrine that holds that all cultures are of equal ethical merit and contribute equally to human progress. This is not a rational doctrine based on observable phenomena, but rather a faith-based doctrine.

    Of course the doctrine is particularly opposed to Israel because it flouts that doctrine in effect by being a culturally specific state and by being so successful in a sea of misery. Likewise American exceptionalism and European Elitism are frowned upon.

    PC Multiculturalism is however blind to Han Chinese supremacism to take one example.

    1. Fanaticism seems a CV mandatory at the BBC. On all topics.

      Hard to reconcile that with professional impartiality, as evidenced by her 'performance' here.

      The BBC seem to be daily the Black Maria strategy on Charter requirements past eleven.

  2. MB, I rather suspect that the "no borders" ideology is really driven by those super rich who wish to keep wages down and also avoid democratic nation states taxing their wealth.

    The BBC ultra PC liberals like Wark are merely their useful idiots.

  3. It was very similar to the Cathy Newman interview. In neither case did the interviewer listen to any of the answers or make any attempt to draw out the views of the interviewee for the benefit of the viewers. I don’t have a problem with robust debate in an interview if it is to that end, but that’s not what the BBC pays her for. Her role is simply to defend BBC groupthink against any challenge.

    We pay the considerable salaries of people like Wark through the licence fee, apparently just to be targets for BBC propaganda. If Kirsty Wark or John Humphries interview someone I want to know their views. however strongly I might disagree with them. I’m not even remotely interested in the views of Humphries or Wark. Maybe if they were paid a little less then might have some humility towards the public and actually do their job.

    Cathy Newman made herself look very silly indeed, yet assuming Jordan Peterson in an interview a couple of days ago is correct, Channel 4 afterwards thought she had come out of it quite well. Channel 4 and the BBC seem to have a separate existence, completely insulated from the rest of humanity - and reality.

    1. "Channel 4 and the BBC seem to have a separate existence, completely insulated from the rest of humanity - and reality" - Agreed!

      Amply demonstrated by the BBC salaries scandal wherein the BBC believe it's all about a "gender pay gap", while the rest of humanity think it's about a few insiders forceable grabbing huge amounts of money from the public.


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