Saturday 3 February 2018

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Chelsea v Everton

Reading through my latest copy Spectator, there are (as ever) some BBC-related items of interest. Here are a couple. 

Firstly, here's the start of a piece about a rare Conservative comic that includes a telling anecdote about 'TV types' (meaning 'BBC TV' types):
Geoff Norcott is lean, talkative, lightly bearded and intense. Britain’s first ‘openly Conservative’ comedian has benefited enormously from the Brexit vote and he’s popular with television producers who need a right-wing voice to balance out the left-leaning bias of most TV output. ‘It’s funny meeting TV types,’ he tells me. ‘They say, “We really want to hear alternative viewpoints.” And I’m thinking, “By alternative you mean majority,”’
And yet women’s football is foisted upon us, largely by the idiotic BBC, for political reasons. They know almost nobody pays to watch women’s football live. They know the standard is not simply lamentable but hilarious. But it fits their agenda — as did televising the Africa Cup, which the former BBC controller Danny Cohen announced he was doing in order to portray Africa in a positive light, for which many thanks, Danny, you presumptuous, arrogant, liberal tosser. Nobody watched it. 
Meanwhile, I turned on my TV last Sunday evening in the hope of watching the highlights of my side, Millwall, scraping a plucky draw against Rochdale. Instead, they were showing something which appeared to be a natural history programme about some forlorn wading birds — avocets, perhaps, or ibis — marooned in sand, watching balefully as a balloon passed overhead. Women’s football again. I made my excuses and left. 

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