Sunday 4 February 2018

Paul Mason complains about someone he doesn't like being interviewed on the BBC

Oh yes, the far-Left are really flocking and furiously flapping their bright red wings this morning - and there's still an hour to go until The Andrew Marr Show begins. 

They really don't want Claire Kober - who resigned as Labour leader of Haringey Council accusing such people of bullying - to be 'platformed' by the show. Or at least 'platformed' without a balancing bully being present.

One of them, however, (a former economics editor at the BBC no less, who's never off the BBC) flew straight into a window...
Rob Burley: Also on #marr the Leader of Haringey Council Claire Kober - on why she's resigning after ten years in the job. Tomorrow at 9am BBC1.
Paul Mason: Why don’t the BBC just give Kober her own channel?
Tom Hamilton: I don’t think she’s got enough broadcast experience, she probably couldn’t sustain a whole channel on her own, on balance it makes more sense just to interview her on an existing channel and then show a range of other programmes designed to appeal to different audiences.
Rob Burley: Yes, I'm with Tom on this.

Update: It continues...
Paul Mason‏: Will you be interviewing anybody from Haringey Labour Party or any of the tenants whose homes she wanted to hand to Lend Lease?
Rob Burley: No, as I've said, you have been on the show and know this, we are an interview programme holding politicians to account. We have spoken to residents groups and Momentum (they were very helpful).


  1. Typical of Masons to try and exert influence through their Old Boys Network.

  2. No doubt in Paul Mason’s mind the Claire Kober affair is the dictatorship of the proletariat in action.

  3. The variable precedent rule seems firmly in place in Paul's head, and not just his, namely anyone they don't like requires a raft of people they do surrounding them screaming like in 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'.

    If the main interviewee is a friend of the family, the clear requirement is they are accorded full Morgan honours and personal space, and no dodgy cartoons.

    The BBC amazingly seems pretty on board most times.


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