Friday 2 February 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg, UK Antifa and the BBC

Jacob R-M on the receiving end of a hate crime!

The 'big story' on my strange Twitter feed tonight is Jacob Rees-Mogg being caught up in a far-left-provoked piece of violence at Bristol University

An overwhelmingly male, balaclava-and-baseball-cap-sporting band of coyly aggressive heroes tried to shout down the very conservative and polite Mr. Rees-Mogg for being "fascist scum" (evidently not knowing much about fascism).

Mr. Rees-Mogg behaved bravely and impeccably and walked towards them and tried to engage with them, but they weren't having it. They shouted, abused and refused to engage, and then fisticuffs ensued.

Mr. Rees-Mogg (with worrying shades of Jo Cox) may have been a victim of their violence but, from the footage, he didn't bat an eyelid and kept on trying to calm the situation.

He insists he wasn't assaulted by the left-wing bullies. Others (including the BBC's reporter at the event) insist he was.

'Tory' Kuenssberg (aka Laura) probably won't have appealed to such 'anti-fascist' thugs or to the worst elements of the Corbynista phenomenon tonight by tweeting:

And the BBC's News website's prominent Home page report about it (as it stands now) isn't, thank goodness, biased in favour of the Antifa-style bullies. A BBC reporter was present - the splendidly-named James Craig (an inversion of my Christian names) - and he wrote the following:


  1. The BBC calls them simply "protestors"...not "masked" ...or "far left"...or "aggressive"...But then we've got Panorama on Monday coming up telling the sorrowful tale of a woman who went to join IS...filmed in lovingly soft focus...Compare and contrast with how those the BBC hates - people like Tommy Robinson - get treated.

  2. 'Anti-Conservative' - racist, fascist, homophobe, which implies that is what the BBC reporter thinks Conservatives are! BBC impartiality in action.

  3. BBC R4 News this morning headlines were that JRM "was involved in a scuffle with protestors". JRM is a threat now to their world. BBC absolutely knows what it is doing.

  4. Laura's 'not entirely clear what is going on here' tweet is not doing well on twitter.

    Deservedly so. It was and is blindingly obvious.


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