Sunday 18 February 2018

Nothing to see here!

Unintentional comedian Paul Mason tweeted what Frank Carson would doubtless have called "a cracker" this morning. His tweet began reasonably enough: 
The Telegraph’s “spy” smear  @johnmcdonnellMP is literally fake news. 
but then his tinfoil hat went straight back on again:
The whole operation seems co-ordinated from Tory HQ...
Lovely use of the word 'seems' there, Paul!

Now, Brother Paul isn't the only one who doesn't reckon much to the Sunday Telegraph's lead story today:

They've also got the story about Jeremy Corbyn and the Czech agent. I should say that this has been comprehensively and absolutely denied as "lies and rubbish" by all of the politicians concerned and it does seem, reading through it, fairly thin." 
and Martine Croxall & her fellow paper reviewers judged it to be a "non story" on the BBC News Channel last night

So that's that then for the poor old Sunday Telegraph it seems! 


  1. Interesting. Yet another instance when the editorial priorities of the bbc and those guests they invite to select and comment upon stories seems at variance with the interests of the nation for whom they presume to speak.

  2. Can you imagine how they would treat this story if it were Boris and the Russians? We don't have to guess since we see how they treat Trump and the Russians where there is far less evidence of collusion than between Corbyn and the Czechs. We know that Corbyn toured the old GDR on his motorbike with Diane as his passenger (how very Che...) at the height of its Stalinist dictatorship and uttered not a word of complaint about the place at the time. So why aren't they taking it seriously. Corbyn may well have felt he was being comradely.

    1. You probably won't be surprised that about ten minutes after Andrew Marr dismissed the Czech spies/Labour story as "fairly thin" he interviewed the Guardian's Luke Harding about the Russians/Trump story.

  3. Can’t wait for Brother Andrew to start sporting Brother Paul’s ‘Negan’ hard man style. So long as only the comments are barbed.

    Though ‘Walking Dead’ does seem a good collective term for the Shad Cab’s ongoing implosion.

  4. Meanwhile on Sky press preview last night we had Labour (Corbynite)Rachel Shabi foghorning the Labour Party line and getting shirty with what's his name Stanley from the Telegraph. Of course she was on Broadcasting House this morning reviewing the papers. Useful.


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