Saturday 17 February 2018

The BBC joins the usual suspects

The anti-Daily Mail campaign group Stop Funding (Free Speech) Hate has scored another victory with (Centre Parks) Center Parcs withdrawing its advertising from the hated newspaper after Richard Littlejohn published an article there expressing a widely-held, socially-conservative view on the family that children benefit most from being raised by a man and woman. Naturally, the usual suspects went into overdrive in response. 

The BBC News website has the story among its main headlines this morning, unlike Sky News or ITV News. 

The BBC's report about it reads as being unsympathetic towards Richard Littlejohn, calling him "Littlejohn" twice and failing - unlike, say, The Times - to quote the Daily Mail's response. 

The Mail rightly says that the article is not homophobic and that it's a balanced opinion piece (which it is). 

Why doesn't the BBC give the Mail's response?


  1. Quite a few are noticing that the bbc is not noticing quite a lot this fine weekend.

    Rob Burley will be on overdrive.

    If not fighting off Ed Sheeran groupies.

    1. As I repair to slumber, I notice that Rob Burley has noticed that James O’Brien has a soft side.

      And has not (as yet) noticed a frequent bbc guest has perhaps let the side down.

      We will see what tomorrow brings. Or, in Marr style, may not.

  2. Apparently I’m a homophobic bigot. I had no idea. To actually put the welfare of children above the rights (i.e. having anything you want) above that of an “oppressed” minority. I hold my hands up in shame. How can these politically correct totalitarians even know what are the long term effects of same sex parents on children? But who cares? Let’s just no platform any discussion on the subject.


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