Friday 9 January 2015

Drawing conclusions

I’m amazed and appalled that while Vince Cable was on the topic of not tolerating the intolerant he didn’t mention the exodus from France of French Jews primarily prompted, according to pundits from all sides of the political spectrum, by the influence of the French Muslim community.

I’m also amazed and appalled by the apparent inability on the part of commenters who unanimously condemn Islamic terrorism to make a connection between this incident and the continual Islam-inspired terrorism Israel faces every minute of every single day. 

Of course many people have pointed out the universality of Charlie Hebdo’s targets, which happen to be, in particular, Jews. (H/T EoZ)

As well as pointing out that the Jews don’t retaliate to antisemitic cartoons by shooting cartoonists and journalists who've been enjoying their ‘hard-fought’ freedom of expression, there’s still the small elephant in the room in the shape of cartoonists like Steve Bell and Martin Rowson who specialise in antisemitic cartoonery, and the fact that they’re being wheeled in to the BBC studios opine about the righteousness of their freedom of expression. 

It’s just a shame that most of the time they’re expressing their own ignorance and prejudice and pandering to ignorance and prejudice of others with  the subtlety of a sledge-hammer.  Satire is all well and good, but actual incitement to racial hatred, not. It’s not even legal.

The BBC’s de facto compliance with the blasphemy law concerning representation of ‘the prophet’ might have been its ill-conceived way of showing respect to Muslims, but where’s the counterpart deference to other religions? It’s just another symptom of the Islamization of the BBC.

There is an interesting thread on Elder of Ziyon with some particularly impressive comments:
A friend of mine posted this brilliant comment on Facebook: "This attack only underscores the need for France to immediately engage in negotiations with French Muslims that will result in the creation of  two states for two peoples, living side by side in peace and security, with Paris as a shared capital... 
“A commenter on JPost said that this terror attack was retaliation for the French occupying "Paristine", and having taken the land from the "Paristinians".
 “Can just see it now - "From the Seine to the Seas Paristine will be free."
Paristine. That nails it. Anyway, Steve Bell is an inarticulate oaf - but one might excuse that, being that his tool of trade is the pen, not the spoken word. However in my opinion his penmanship is as plodding and laboured as his politics are clumsy and unoriginal. 

He has none of the wit, fluency of line and ability to evoke humour, even from tragedy, that a true cartoonist like e.g., Matt of the Telegraph has in spades. Or  Peter Brookes. His Wallace IS Ed Miliband and his Gromit IS Ed Balls. How he has managed to epitomise Balls’s expression in the form of a plasticine dog is pretty damn clever. 

Peter Brookes. Clever cartooning.

 (I must admit that Steve Bell and Martin Rowson’s antisemitism has influenced my judgment a tad.)

The ongoing terrorist attack in the form of hostage taking is now located in a Kosher grocery.

This morning even Justin Webb was taken aback after listening to Sima Kotecha’s vox pop foray into deepest High Wycombe, location of the UK’s largest  Muslim community. An ‘ordinary’ peaceful Muslim businessman declared that although he abhorred the Paris killings, the fact is, he loves the prophet Mohammed PBUH more than he loves his mum, dad and kids. 

“What, he loves the prophet more than his kids?” asked Justin incredulously. That just about says it all. Well, at least it says to me - two things. One, Justin doesn’t grasp the nature of Islam, and two, religious Muslims don’t grasp the nature of nature.


  1. If ol' Justin is that ignorant (or just in denial) about something so basic and well-known, what does that say about all his declarations about the US?

  2. How can someone like Justin Webb become a senior presenter in BBC News with such a woeful ignorance of a major world religion?

    Could it be anything to do with being the illegitimate son of a senior BBC News presenter? Or is that stretching credulity?

    1. Webb got the coveted Today chair as a reward for attacking conservatives, reporting that the US was too full of racists to elect a black President, and especially for being rude about Sarah Palin.

      I always felt that he was drawn to the BBC because, as Helen Boaden would say, it's in his DNA, rather than being a legacy hire.


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