Saturday 31 January 2015

Tony Abbott's for the chop (according to Jon Don)

Warning: There may (possibly) be heavy sarcasm in the following post:

The BBC's impartial Sydney correspondent Jon Donnison is tweeting about Australian politics today - a subject area for which he's widely known. 

As someone who no one (in their right mind) would think of being anything other than a scrupulously fair BBC reporter, no sensible human being would ever (for one second) expect our Jon to be anything other than scrupulously fair towards the main politician in the country he's now reporting from (much to his evident delight).

Despite obsessive Jon Don watchers saying that they've never once seen him tweet anyething favourable to Australian PM Tony Abbott (or anything favourable to the Israeli PM for that matter), this post will affirm its sacred belief that Big Jon (the Saviour of Gaza) is scrupulously impartial in everything he does.

Thus this post wholeheartedly backs the belief that Jon Donnison's latest tweets about Tony Abbott are wholly impartial, and that they are unquestionably correct in their evident belief that Mr Abbott is very soon to be a goner...

....'cos if Jon Don's re-tweeting something it's just gotta be right.

Bye, bye Tony! 

So, who's going to be the Aussie PM next week then?


  1. I haven't been paying much attention to Australia, my place of birth, recently but for Donnison to draw conclusions about Tony Abbott's future based on Queensland results is beyond ill informed.

    Australia is divided into three levels of government: Federal, State and Local and the issues different in each. In other words there is no correlation between the three.

    State elections have never been an accurate guide to Federal politics where Abbott is leader and most definitely to the fate of a leader which is decided by his party, the people in an election or the lower house in a no confidence motion.

  2. Didn't know you were an Ozzie. Do you know Daphne Anson?

    Which gives me the chance to tell a true story (one that actually IS true) that's always tickled me:

    A scarily pious Scottish Muslim convert woman at work (with an even scarier Jordanian-rooted family) quite a few years back asked another Muslim women at work, originally from India [and with a strangely non-Muslim name, and a promiscuous, hard-drinking way of life for a Muslim], if she knew a local chemist called Patel. When the Indian-born lady said, no, she didn't know Mr Patel, my Scottish-born colleague said, "But you must know him!"

    They never got on after that.


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