Sunday 25 January 2015

What matters on Twitter

An earlier post may have unintentionally misled you into thinking that most Twitter comments about Nicola Sturgeon's interview with Andrew Marr this morning were about the ever-burning issue of BBC bias. 

They were not. They mainly focused on Miss Sturgeon's split skirt and legs.

Some swooned, some complained about being put off their breakfasts, but all were united in the belief that the First Minister of Scotland's frock was the thing to tweet about. And quite a lot of them were women. [One for Dame Jenni Murray, methinks.]

I thought I'd share that with you in the interests of disinterested blogging.

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  1. Before you slavering Sassenachs rush North of the Border, let me assure you that this "frock", as you Northerners quaintly call it, is not in fashion in Scotland, especially in winter. But, at least, it is the right colour.


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