Sunday 25 January 2015

"Poorly-phrased questions"

Tim Willcox isn't the only BBC presenter to give the impression of holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the State of Israel whilst interviewing a Jewish woman on the subject of anti-Semitism in Western Europe. BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine showed that such thinking (far from being merely a matter 'poor phrasing' during an interview) appears to be shared by others at the BBC. 

Journalist Angela Epstein was describing the fears of Jewish people in Western Europe. She was saying that Jews are targets of Muslim terror while the reverse is not the case, when Jeremy Vine interrupted to say...
You say it doesn’t happen the other way round – there will be people who say wait; when you look at the State of Israel and what it does in the occupied territories, that’s the…that’s the other side of the argument.
...[that "that’s the other side of the argument" echoing Tim Willcox's "But you understand; everything is seen from different perspectives"]...

...and then, ignoring Angela's answer, put the following question to David Cesarani:
…does this stem from Israel’s actions and the way they’re perceived or is there something deeper afoot or is it actually not a problem, David?
And later, despite the Toulouse attack on a Jewish school and the evidence that the Paris attacker might have also been intending to attack a Jewish school before going for the kosher supermarket, Jeremy Vine saw fit to ask Angela Epstein the following question:
And Angela, even if you look at the Paris attacks, what they went for first were the cartoonists. They were not going for French Jews. The kosher supermarket was secondary.
There looks like something of a plague of "poorly phrased questions" underway at the BBC.


  1. Is Vine saying that Israel targets people in the occupied territories because they are muslims ?
    Are Jews in Europe launching rocket attacks on muslims ?
    Is Vine capable of thinking straight ?

  2. Told you so. They're all at it.


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